Parenting Orders Program
Court Approved
Certificate within 2 business days 
of completion

You know this is the 
Best Parenting Orders Program available
and now you have a choice of how you access the material.

Parenting Orders Program now delivered two ways:
Workshop OR Course

Are you someone who is:

  • Disciplined: Able to watch video's, complete a workbook and some quizzes
  • Commited: Will devote up to 6 hours or log in again to finish
  • Want to start NOW: Join the online course and get this thing done!
If so, join the online course and get started right now.
Watch the video's, answer the questions, and get your certificate.


If you know you're not ever going to log-in to a course, 
let alone watch the video's and complete the quizzes, 
Now, don't think you can just watch the footy while the workshop is on in the background.  
You need to have your video enabled and you need to engage with the facilitator and other participants.
You'll be asked to share a little about what has led you to completing a POP course, and tell the group a bit about your family.  
You'll be asked to share your thoughts and experiences and to discuss things with the group.  
It might be delivered online, but we need to see your face.  
The Court want to know you're taking steps to understand this divorce from your childs perspective.

So ... what do you prefer?

Are you the type of person who hates group discussion 
and is motivated to complete an online course? 


Are you someone who needs that face-to-face connection 
to really take in the important discoveries this course will provide?

Now you can choose between attending a live online WORKSHOP


Enrolling in an online COURSE

The content is EXACTLY THE SAME
it's just delivered differently 
so that EVERYONE is able to access this FAMILY CHANGING material.

The content we are delivering, if you listen to it and implement even just one thing, 
has the opportunity to change your child's experience of your divorce.

You can think the other parent is a deadbeat or drama maker.
But your child needs you to enrol today 
so you can start to understand what is going on for THEM!

What's the difference between a WORKSHOP and a COURSE?

Traditionally, a workshop is in person.  Since March 2020 (when covid hit Australia) we moved the workshop online so it would still be face-to-face.  However, we have increasingly been asked for a course.  So, we have built the workshop into an online course.  This way, if the weekend we run the workshop doesn't suit you, or you don't have a day to invest in a live workshop, you can now complete the material at your own pace.  An online course is just like any other type of online learning.  
There's video's to watch, workbooks to complete and a few quizes to do.  
Then, you'll receive your certificate of completion!  It is that simple.  
Workshop V Course 
Workshop is on at a set time, you attend live online so we can see your face, and you share your expeirenes with the group.
Course - fully online, self paced learning with video's, workbooks and quizes to complete prior to receiving your certificate.

So ... what's it going to be?

Don't take our word for it ... here is what other parents say

previous workshop attendee

I attended a workshop today and Kirsty was brilliant in helping everyone there deal with a difficult, and at times traumatic, period of our lives. She had real-life strategies for dealing with communication issues, parenting and of course.. the relentless conflict. Kirsty helped me feel confident about the future. Kirsty clearly has so much knowledge, training and experience in these issues, and the fact she has experienced co-parenting issues in her own life meant she knew exactly what we are going through and wasn't just preaching from a text book, she is amazing at what she does and I can't thank you enough Kirsty.

previous workshop attendee

I have been parenting for 20 years and co-parenting for 10 years.  I really thought I wouldn't learn anything at 'just another workshop'.  How wrong I was!  Kirsty is the first professional I have met who has PRACTICAL, REAL WORLD strategies and techniques to actually make a difference.  I know I won't remember everything, but that's why I am booking into Kirsty's coaching program too.  From thinking I knew everything, wow, what a change.  I wish I had done this course 10 years ago.

completed the course

I was made to do this course by the Court. I thought it would be another waste of my time. It wasn't. It has given me actual ways to stop my ex from being controlling and ruining our life. Thank goodness for this course, it has changed my life and I know I will be able to stop my son from being hurt by the way my ex behaves. Thank you Kirsty!  

completed the course

Everyone should do this course. The modules are easy to follow, the information is practical and if you do it in one go, it doesn't take as much time as they say it might. Thanks for a course, I really don't like workshops because I am an introvert.
 Grateful for the choice!
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