You've taken the first step to make things different! 
Who is this coaching program for?
Our coaching program is for parents who are struggling with difficult behaviours from their ex-partner. 

We know you're doing the best with the tools you have.
So let's get you out of the pain you're going through right now, and into a better place where life is peaceful and predictable.
What behaviours can Kirsty help with?
Narcissistic traits, argumentative, controlling, difficult, oppositional, complaining, critical, 'rubber neckers', alienating behaviours.
Practical, personalised support!
You with work 1-1 with Kirsty
to create personalised strategies just for you! 
While many people struggle to manage difficult personality traits in others, no two families have the same dynamic.
A generalised workshop will give you the foundations for change, but coaching with Kirsty will provide the personal blueprint 
for you to make things different.
How can Kirsty help?
Working with Kirsty will take away the overwhelm, the frustration, the anxiety, the sadness, and the "if only".

Kirsty can help whether you're newly separated or been divorced for what feels like a millenia.

Kirsty can support you so you never answer another email!

Imagine how you would like your divorced life to look in 6 months - working with Kirsty can make that fantasy a reality.

Kirsty Petersen
How can I work with Kirsty?
Coaching sessions are online, on the phone or in person - it's totally up to you, your location, your schedule and availability.

Sessions are available during the day, at night and on weekends.

Kirsty only accepts 5 new coaching clients per month so availability is limited.  

Make things different today - create the life your children deserve - a life where they're not caught in the middle of conflict and being impacted day-in, day-out by a difficult and unco-operative parent.  

Why a coaching program instead of counselling?

How coaching is different from counselling.

Counselling is about listening to you and helping you find your own way to realisations.  
Coaching is more directive - there's practical strategies that we will work through to make things different. 
More than that though, the behaviours that are causing you difficulty have predictive ways of dealing with them - it's just about testing which ones work in your family!  Think about co-parenting coaching in the same way you would sport coaching.  
There's proven pathways to success but each athlete's body and skill is different.  
A coach works to get the best from their athlete and challenge them to be the best version of themselves.

Lots of people are worried about joining a coaching program because they think it's only for the famous or ultra rich.  
Coaches can seem like they're fake and just showing people to do what they did for themselves, like in Multi-Level-Marketing (eg. I lost 20kg you can too!).  Co-parenting coaching isn't like that.  

Why choose Kirsty?

As a professional working in family law, Kirsty has supported hundreds of families with thousands of hours of mediation. Kirsty has post-graduate qualifications in dispute resolution and is a Cynergy Certified Conflict Coach. Kirsty developed a Family Court approved Parenting Orders Program and her coaching program evolved as people attending the workshop asked for personalied support.
Kirsty has been working 1-1 with families struggling with co-parenting for more than 5 years.

The knowledge and experience you'll tap into by working with Kirsty is based in theory but also practice. Kirsty is a highly skilled practitioner but she also applies these skills to her own life - she has lived experience. You will be working with someone who knows what it's like to suffer and see her children struggle, with a highly conflicted co-parenting relationship.

Kirsty has supported hundreds of families over more than 5 years, to change the communication dynamic, stop the fighting and totally transform their life.

Will co-parenting coaching work for you?

Let's be honest - you're never going to have a co-operative co-parenting relationship like you see in the movies. 
But it doesn't mean your co-parenting needs to be full of abuse, ignorance, denigration, lies, and chaos.

Right now you're stuck in the cycle of pandering to the other parent, deflecting as they fire at you, and bending over backwards in an attempt to ensure they don't get upset. 

You've learnt that when the other parent is not unhappy, life is clam but when they're upset it's like a hurricane is about to hit! You've learnt to put your needs and those of your children aside in order to avoid upsetting someone who is reactive and unpredictable.  
This is no way to live for you or your kids. 
 It's time to stop having everything revolve around the other parent.


If you're someone who is able to reflect on their own behaviour and follow a recipe, co-parenting coaching can be successful for you.
When you show up to the sessions, lay all your cards on the table, and do the work, co-parenting coaching can be successful for you.
But here's our promise.  If you book your chat with Kirsty, and she doesn't think co-parenting coaching is suitable for your family, she will tell you.
Kirsty is 100% a straight shooter - there's no BS in her coaching sessions.  
You're both either upfront and honest, or you're both wasting your time.

Of course Kirsty wants to change lives for as many families as possible, but if she doesn't think that is likely for you, she will tell you.  Kirsty only takes 5 new coaching clients each month, so she is listening to make sure you're a good fit just as much as you're checking her out!

Maybe you don't trust that change is possible - you've been stuck in how it is right now for so long that you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.  That's okay - most people in your place know they want life to be different but don't know how to achieve it.  Kirsty knows what needs to be done and will honestly and kindly direct you towards a different kind of co-parenting.  
Past clients have described Kirsty's approach as blunt but not brutal.  
You need someone in your corner, not someone butting heads with you.  

Co-parenting coaching is about working together to discover new ways of approaching the things that are not helpful to ensure your children thrive.

What are you waiting for?  Still have questions?  Ask Kirsty when you chat about the program.
If you're ready to invest 
in yourself, your future and your children, 
click here, to apply now ...  
Co-Parenting for Your Kids
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